Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dictionaries & Thesauruses, Et Cetera

Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary
Object Graph LLC (Dictionary/Thesauraus)

Author/Writer/Craft Sites

The Hero's Journey by Christopher Vogler
Writer Unboxed: About the Craft and Business of Fiction
Learn to Write a Selling Query


Internet Text Archive (Read online, or download FREE via .mobi, pdf, and others)
London Lives: 1690-1800 ~ Crime, Poverty, and Social Policy in the Metropolis
British Army During the Napoleonic Wars
Regency Costume Companion
The Victorian Dictionary/Exploring Victorian London (this is an AWESOME site)
Period Dramas (lists upon lists of period/costume drama films)
Jane Austen's World
The London Gazette (read new and old issues of The Gazette)
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