Saturday, January 1, 2011

Headstrong Irish lady Sara Ballivar has been betrothed since she was a child to an Englishman she'd rather strangle than meet, much less marry.

Lord Justin Carrington, heir to a prestigious dukedom, would rather live the life of a bachelor, sowing his wild oats across London, than deal with the Irish chit to whom he is shackled.

However, when the time comes to honor their betrothal contract, and Sara is shipped overseas to meet her mysterious English lord, nothing is as either of them expected.  Sparks fly.  Friendship blossoms into genuine feelings--perhaps even love.  But what happens when a man from Sara's past travels abroad to England in hopes of winning her?  Will this new affection she has for her betrothed, the man she once thought she'd hate for all eternity, stand up against the one chance she has to return to Ireland?

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