Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Art Piece (Day 17)

A connoisseur of art, I am not.

However, I do enjoy a lovely landscape, a pretty portrait, or a beautiful backdrop just as much as the next person. Especially if it's of the historical variety. That said, for today's charming challenge I'd like to share with you one of my personal favorites from among the many accomplished artists (discovered and starving, alike) all around the glorious globe. (Yes, all right. Enough with adjectives.)

Red Basque by Victoria Frances

Red Basque by 29-year-old Spanish artist Victoria Frances is perhaps the first genuine piece of art I purchased. When I received it from Spain, I rushed to our locally owned Ellis Potter (they have the most talented framing department in three or more parishes, I swear), picked out my mats and frame, and left it in their capable hands.

My Red Basque
Matted & Framed by Ellis Pottery, Bossier City, Louisiana

My apologies for the camera glare, but that room leans toward the dark side (no pun intended). In any event, I love this piece of art. Whenever I walk into the computer room, surrounded by our collection of United Cutlery swords, flails, and axes, the Harry Potter wands, and our family coat of arms, the single thing which always commands my attention is this. The girl in the red corset, surrounded by low burning candles, standing before an ancient... door, perhaps? I'm not exactly certain. But I love her manicured nails and laced gloves. The single black tear falling in a thin rivulet down her fair cheek. I often wonder if she mourns for someone. A lover, perhaps? Did he leave her? Die? Maybe theirs is a forbidden love, and they've been forcibly separated. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

The artwork itself is from Victoria's first portfolio, Favole, a remembrance of Verona, Venice, and Genoa. You can check out this and her other works here, most of which are available for purchase via the worldwide web.

So, what's your favorite work of art? Do you have one? Several? Do you, like me, hold a special penchant for one artist's work in particular? Spill!

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



Deana said...

I also don't fancy myself as a artist (the drawing and painting kind) know-it-all, but I do love the story of artists. It is what convinces me to fall in love with their work. With that being said, I studied Van Gogh in school and fell in love with him and went to Salvador Dali's museum in Florida and likewise became a fan of his.

The picture you have is beautiful. I like it! Would love to know the story about the artist...but I'm weird like that I guess:)

Alyssia said...

How cool that you studied, Van Gogh! I'd love to visit some of the greater museums, especially overseas. :)

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