Monday, April 25, 2011

A Fanfic (Day 15)

Ah, now, this one is just all too easy. Why? Well, because 1) I adore fanfiction and 2) I so happen to write it for J.K. Rowling's fabulous Harry Potter series.

Currently I have one completed and one in progress. The completed fanfic is called The Reason, which I finished a few years ago.  It's not perfect by any means, but I most definitely enjoyed the process of writing it and working through the different scenes, character arcs, etc. More or less, it was a great learning experience, and really paved the way for the next story I wrote, an historical romance entitled Betrothed.

Here's the blurb for The Reason, which can be found here at Granger Enchanted:

Labeled by her peers as the brightest witch of the age, Hermione Granger had no problem landing a prestigious professor's position at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Having recently recovered from a failed relationship, the last thing on her mind is falling love.

Until he enters her life for the second time, and on brand new terms.

The second fanfic, the work in progress, is entitled A Scandalous Proposition. Really, I've had the best time writing this story. It's in first person/present perfect and alternates between Draco & Hermione, a totally new feat for me, as I'm generally accustomed to writing in third person.

Two years after her husband’s tragic accidental death, successful civil attorney Hermione Granger decides she wants a baby. Thing is, she doesn’t want the inevitable man-ties that go with it. But how exactly does one ask a perfect stranger to father one’s child, then discreetly slip away? He would have to be a loner, in for the weekend/out for an eternity kind of guy, which doesn’t fit the description of any man she knows.

Except one.

Private Auror Liaison Draco Malfoy has kept his distance from London—and, for that matter, England—over the past decade. A constant traveler, he successfully executes highly classified cases for the International Auror Division of the Ministry of Magic. He slides, slips, and steals his way through life, a clandestine agent to the Ministry, a vapor to society. But when the head Auror summons him for a special mission, one that will put the last known Death Eater behind bars in Azkaban, Draco discovers a long-forgotten link to his iniquitous past.

Her name is Hermione Granger.

And she’s got a scandalous proposition.

A Scandalous Proposition can be read here, again at Granger Enchanted.

So, I'm curious... Do you read fanfiction? And if so, which ones? Have you written on yourself? Ever considered it? Do you find it helps with your own original works, as I do? If you have written a fanfic, please post the link! I'd love to give it a gander!

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



BREA said...

<3 them!

Alyssia said...

Thanks, Bonn! <3

Lela said...

I've read yours! :P Sometimes I wish I could find a fanfic site for Dragonlance - my very first set of fantasy novels I ever read and which I am attached to devotedly. I would try my hand at that one!

Jacqueline said...

Theses sound wonderful; I would love to read them!...You are always amazing me with your talent!

imtrouble24by7 said...

Hey I live your work and was wondering if a scandalous proposition will be or is finished? I couldn't find it on GE anymore! :( xxx

Alyssia said...

Hi there! First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to read my fanfiction(s) and especially to comment on how much you've enjoyed them. I truly appreciate the support and kind words. Second, I'm sorry to say I took A Scandalous Proposition off Granger Enchanted, because 1) I haven't the time to finish it right now, as I'm working on other projects and 2) I'm seriously contemplating converting that story into a bona fide, original novel. As in, for publication. Either way, I didn't think it fair to leave Scandalous online.

At least, not for now.

However, I promise I will keep you updated on what will come out of it--whether I go for a full conversion or keep it as fanfiction. If the latter, expect to see it up again at some point in future and completed.

Thanks again for your interest! :)

Louise said...

Hi Alyssia,

Whilst i'm sad not to be able to read more right now, thats great news about possibly turning it into a novel. Will you convert it to original characters? Guessing you will! Thanks for a quick reply! :) you never know if its such an old post whether you would get a reply so thanks for taking the time! :)

Would love to hear more! Thanks


Anonymous said...

You should continue to work on Scandalous Proposition!!! It was my favorite!

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