Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Favorite TV Show (Day 3)

This one is a tie--sorry, it can't be helped. In truth, I love both these shows equally. Sad part? Neither of them are on air any longer. Well. Except for the occasional rerun, of course.

#1 My So-Called Life, the ABC production teen drama which aired August 24, 1994 through January 26, 1995, starring Claire Daines as Angela Chase and Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano.

#2 The Tudors, the Showtime original series, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyer as King Henry VIII of England and Henry Cavill (the new Superman!) as Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.

First up, My So-Called Life. I'm not in the know with all the modern teen dramas, except for maybe Hannah Montana (who I really, really don't like--sorry!!) and Zack & Cody or whatever. In my day it was either Beverly Hills 90210 (the original with Luke Perry, hello) or Melrose Place or even Beavis & Butthead.

But my favorite was the angsty teen drama with the redheaded heroine who had two best friends, one crazy, one gay, and a major crush on the resident rocker. You  know, the guy whose dark hair is always hanging over his eyes and he has to, like, head-flip it out of the way constantly? Yeah, him. We all know one, right? The thing I liked most about this show was its closeness to the generation--the drama, the issues behind the drama, crushing on someone who doesn't even know you're alive, and, of course, bouncing around on your bed (even though your mom always told you NOT to jump on the bed!) to the tune of Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes. (Sorry about the Taylor Swift nonsense at the end of the video... sigh. You can never escape her!)

Oh yeah, baby.

Second? The Tudors. Hands down. No exceptions. Best series drama to grace our beloved television in a looooooong time. The scenery? Breathtaking. The costumes? Phenomenal. The acting? I promise, once you see Jonathan Rhys Meyer in tights, you'll never think of Henry VIII as fat again. Oh, but, yeah... ahem... the acting was right on. Grade A. And, of course, Trevor Morris's incredible background score takes its rightful place among the best ever made for tv--for anything, really.

As you might've guessed, The Tudors was all about King Henry VIII of England and his wives, his friends, his kingdom, and all the glitz and glamor and extravagance behind the man who had a penchant for beheading his lovers. But he was actually a very tortured soul, and that made for several nail-biting scenes, let me tell you. Four glorious seasons of sex and war with Henry, his infamous wives, and, naturally, his coterie of corrupt acquaintances had me almost to tears every time the credits went up and previews came on for the next episode. And when they went up for the last and final time? Forget about it.

So, what's your favorite television show? Is it a comedy? Drama? Spill!

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



BREA said...

Tudors hands down.

Jacqueline said...

I've never seen The Tudors, but my parents watch it and tell me I should too, they love it and I can definitely see the attraction for you, Nikki; I guess I will have to try to find Season 1 and check it out sometime...One of my favorites is Two And A Half Men=mindless fun, been watching it since it started and I'll miss it next season; I Tivo True Blood as well, it's offbeat and different, kind of addictive!

Lela said...

Oh geez, pick a favorite TV show?! Are you serious! lol I never missed an episode of X-Files, which will probably always be my favorite BUT I can not wait for GAME OF THRONES! I hope that it will live up to the magnificence that George R.R. Martin created on the page! And, btw, Tudors is up there in my top 10, for sure!

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