Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ode to My Favorite Candy (Day 18)

So, today I am to write about whatever tickles my fancy. Truly, a lot of things are doing just that these days. YA novels, particularly Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games series. Addicted to it like nobody's business. Seriously. Ah, the Sucker Punch soundtrack--every single song, backwards, forwards, makes no difference. Amanda Seyfried and Benjamin Godfre, because they're the fresh faces of my work in progress. Fanfiction! Because the good readers at Granger Enchanted are so complimentary and give me wonderful plot ideas. Aeropostale sleep shirts, because oh my goodness, they're soooo comfortable!!

Yeah, so, obviously it's hard to pick. But since I always end each post with Peace, Love, and... you've got it... Junior Mints, I figured... why not? Why not let you in on a little of the history behind this deliciously delectable candy? We all need as many brain creases as we can get, right?

Good, glad to know you're already on board.

Originally created in 1949 by James Welch, Junior Mints is a staple confection with both movie theaters and candy sellers all around the US-of-A. Really, what's not to love? They're small, they're round, and they've got a sumptuous soft peppermint filling inside dark chocolate coating. To quote Rachael Ray, "Deeeee-lish!" What's interesting is that Jimmy created the candy as a bit of a pun off his favorite Broadway play, Junior Miss!, written by the prolific American screenwriter Sally Benson (Meet Me in St. Louis).

After its birth and successful stint with Jim's Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company, Junior Mints went through two more franchises before finally finding a permanent home in 1993 with Tootsie Roll.  Through the years, it's made many star-worthy appearances ranging from music to books to television. In fact, it even played an integral role in the famous TV sitcom Seinfield, where in an episode entitled "The Junior Mint," Jerry and Kramer accidentally dropped one of the small candies into Elaine's ex-boyfriend's abdominal cavity.


As for me, Junior Mints play a very important role in my everyday life. And before you ask, no, I don't eat them every single day. Although if I--and my hips, for that matter--could get away with it, I/they certainly would. But when The Hubby and I venture out to the movies... I have to have Junior Mints (and popcorn and Dr. Pepper). And when I've finished a book, dancing around for joy at the blinking cursor after the period, after the entire text following "Epilogue," I reach for a theater-size box. Of course, then comes editing. And what's the best cure for the editing blues? Junior Mints!

Stephen King, who needs no introductions, brilliant man that he is, indulges in them, too. In fact, he spears several with a toothpick, eats 'em like shish kabob whenever he goes to the theater.  Jessica Simpson mixes a whole box with her popcorn, closes the bag, shakes it up, and has a little sweet 'n salty with her movie. No matter how you enjoy the Junior Mint, they always have that uncanny ability to make you smile. Feel like a kid again. Even to the point you scrunch up your shoulders, wrinkle your nose, and wiggle your toes.

And, really, what's better than that?

So, what's YOUR favorite candy? And when you go to the movies, even if you've just had a monstrous steak dinner, are you like me? Do you smell the popcorn, see the candy behind that shiny glass counter, and salivate all over again?

Peace, Love, and--glory, glory, Hallelujah--Junior Mints for everyone!


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