Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Photo of Me Taken Recently (Day 11)

(From L to R) Scottie, Monte, Me & The Hubby

This is actually a couple years old, but I don't make a huge habit out of allowing pictures to be taken of me. Call me crazy, but I don't like it. The last photos of yours truly were actually snapped in California, but they're professional wedding pics, and I don't wanna get in trouble with BFF's expensive photographer by posting one of 'em without permission.

All right.  Enough with the why's and why not's.  This was taken outside Monte's hotel room in New Orleans, right before the Bengals/Saints pre-season game.  Yes, yes, before you spaz, start name-calling, or throwing rotten tomatoes or whatever... The Hubby and I are Bengals fans, because he's an Ohio boy, and I didn't give a rat's butt about football before I met him.  Why?  I guess because none of my guy friends in high school bothered to explain it to me while we sat in the stands during third quarter with the band, sipping on hot chocolate and playing Louie, Louie half a million times.  Then again, it could also be because the flag line had a better time making fun of our cheerleaders, rather than actually paying attention to the game.

Go figure.

Anyways. This was a great time, as you can tell by the wide smiles.  The Saints fans were nice, of course, because everyone's happy when they're in New Orleans.  Seriously, strangers come up to you, hug your neck right there in the middle of the street as if you're a long lost relative or some such.  Cars honk.  Some drunk on the sidewalk raises his glass and yells something you can't understand, because it's Cajun Coon-Ass and, therefore, might as well be a foreign language.  The owner of a jazz bar on Bourbon sticks his head out his tatty open door and yells for you to come in, sit down a while, have a drink, and you tell him you can't, because you're going to the game.

"Ah ha!" he yells. "Geaux Saints!"  And, yes.  They do spell it that way down here.

Now, any excuse to go to New Orleans and we're on it.

So, do YOU have a favorite destination/location?  Just a nice, quick weekend getaway?

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



riamber said...

When my husband and I need to unwind, we always make our way down to Disney World. It's "our" place. Since we've been so many times, rides aren't that important any longer. Now we are able to just leisurely walk around and enjoy the sights. People watch and just talk with one another. Plus, much time is spent in the resort room!

BREA said...

It isn't a quick weekend trip but my favorite place is and will always be "Disney World". I really miss not living in Florida anymore for that reason - just popping down whenever I felt like it. Out here in Cali we just have Disneyland and California Adventures which is still fun but it is NO Disney World!!

Lela said...

I think my favorite get-away, not a weekend trip, mind, is Estes Park, Colorado. AMAZING! It's kind of like living in a post-card the whole time you're there. Colorado is almost another world unto itself, anyway, and when you get into those beautiful mountains with the clear streams running through, it's paradise on earth! I know I haven't seen enough of the world to determine that I'd retire there, but from what I have seen, it's my number one spot so far! :)

Alyssia said...

Riamber & Bonn--Disney World is such a wonderful place. I've gone several times, but my husband's never had the experience. Not even once! I'd love to take him sometime in the near future.

Lee, I would LOVE to see Colorado. I mean, I've flown over Denver and, wow, the mountains were out of this world. But to actually go and rent a log cabin for, like, two weeks or so? I could definitely go for that. :)

Andrew Leon said...

After growing up in Louisiana, I have to say that I have a strong distaste for New Orleans. Part of it is the humidity. Another part is the mosquitoes that are bigger than the humidity. The last part is that Baton Rouge is so much prettier.

Alyssia said...

The mutant bugs and animals are definitely a downside to Louisiana. Indeed, you are right, Andrew. When I first moved here--and remember, now, I'm a South Mississippi girl, born and raised--but when I first moved here, I remember standing at the top of a stairwell outside and a HUGE, HUUUUUGE roach with WINGS, for heaven's sake, flew straight at my face!

Naturally, I screamed bloody murder, because oh my gosh, I hate the things! Can't even kill one in my own house, they make my skin crawl so bad, and if The Hubby kills it, he can't use my shoe, because... ew.

But The Hubby--then The Boyfriend--just looked at me and said, "Uh, yeah. Those are waterbugs."

"I'm sorry. Those are... WHAT??"

"W-A-T-E-R-B-U-G-S," he repeated, as if I were an infant. Which, if you could've seen the state I was in, you might've thought the very same thing.

Anyways. Yeah. Biggest darn things I've ever seen, and the mosquitoes are indeed a close second, along with neutra rats.

Lynda R Young said...

I love going on picnics to the local National Park hehe

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I have never been to New Orleans but would love to go one day :)

I remember I had been a football cheerleader for a year when I finally asked my dad what was I cheering. Such as 'defense'. Before that, I had no clue :)

Alyssia said...

Lynda, I haven't been on a true picnic in ages, but I do love them! I always thought it would be neat to picnic along the Serpentine in London. Ah, with the fashionable crowd, of course.

And hello, Miss Happy Homemaker UK! Welcome! Yes, indeed, New Orleans is dear to our hearts here in Louisiana. Full of Creole French history, iron-rail balconies, and just nice, nice people, it truly is one of my favorite places to visit. I really hope you get to go someday! And see, that's exactly what I mean about Alyssia pre-Hubby! Clueless about football or anything to do with football. Including cheers. LOL

Andrew Leon said...

You know, I watched one of those roaches fly into a friend of mine's mouth while he was sleeping when I was a kid. His brother and I just watched, because, really, how do you respond to that? It was on the wall and just flew across the room straight into the sleeping brother's open mouth.
The worst thing about them, though, is when they get in your shoe and you don't know it.

I started thinking about the nutria as I was reading your reply; then, you brought them up! I know they're supposed to be herbivorous, but I swear they eat cats!

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