Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Photo that Makes Me Happy (Day 7)

(From L to R:  Temper, Momma, & Red)

Love this picture. I think, I think, it was taken by my stepdad during the Christmas holidays two years ago. Why does it make me happy? It's my mother, and this is definitely one of the moments when she's at her happiest. That is, whenever she's with her horses. She's a naturally happy person: nice to everyone, strangers, friends, and family alike.  Loves a good joke, watches Fox News, A&E, and the History Channel like nobody's business, unless of course she's reading, which she also does frequently--mainly her Bible, nonfiction, biography-type, and factual accounts, etc.

Always, always, she's been a model of inspiration for me.  A true southern belle, lady-to-the-core, she believes in maintaining decorum at all times (even when you think no one's looking), politeness to all (even when you don't feel like it), and a close, close relationship with God (even when you think He must not see little old you, with all your minor problems that don't include world hunger, etc.).  She's forever encouraging me to strive and strive hard. To reach my goals, and do it honorably, without stepping on toes or hurting feelings. To never forget where I came from: a small town in South Mississippi, a place that most believe to be backwards and so behind on the times, cell phones must be an enigma, right?

So, here's to my momma. A lady, a friend, and the best mother a girl could ask for. Thanks for sharing your love with me, your intelligence and wisdom, and, most of all, for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.  I love you.

And I'd love to know what picture makes YOU happy, too, folks!  Is it of someone you know? Something? How about an art print? Share! :) ~ 

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



BREA said...

Is it sad if it is a picture of my cats? =/

Alyssia said...

Hey! Pics of my babies makes me happy, too! :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

I am sort of a picture addict, so looking through my photo albums makes me happy, overall. I love looking at pictures of my kids through the years, my family, goofy pics with my friends, my furbabies. My current desktop picture, though, is my husband and kids on a little boat in Lake Estes from this fall. Big grins, wind blowing their hair like crazy, beautiful settings in the background.

It looks like you have your mom's smile. Love the hats on the horses.

Jacqueline said...

A special, sweet tribute and wonderful photo of your beautiful Mom and her pretty horses!...I take countless photos of my babies to post on the blog everyday and it's a big job, but also a labor of love.

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