Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Talent of Mine (Day 19)

All right, honestly. I don't have a major talent. Yes, I can sing. But so can 97% of the population. Yes, folks, that's right. Only 3% of people in the entire world literally can't sing, because they're tone-deaf. I can write you a story. Any story. Fantasy, sci fi, contemporary, historical... whatever. But so can a gazillion other writers, aspiring or otherwise. I can even make an Origami swan out of a gum wrapper, which always dazzles the waitresses at TGI Friday's, but I suspect a lot of people can make cooler stuff like, I don't know, Mickey Mouse heads or boats or something. And as for other, more personal talents... well...

Those are between me and The Hubby.


But as for a bona fide, knock-your-socks off, whoa momma! talent? I got nothing. Nonetheless, because it's a challenge and I said I'd do the darned challenge (though I may regret it before the 30 days are up), I'll share with you this little snippet of wicked ability. True talent at it's best. Seriously. If I could have any skill in the world, anything at all, I'd be doing this right here. Enjoy.

By the way, that's Máiréad Nesbitt of the traditional Irish group Celtic Woman.

Do you have a special talent? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



BREA said...

I am one of the 3% that must be tone deaf then!! LOL.

Hmm special talent...I can roll my tongue. Does that count? Besides writing I don't think I have a special one unless you count being able to tell you anything about the British Royal family. Although, I don't think that is considered a talent rather a princess wanna be obsession!!

Andrew Leon said...

@Brea: Actually, whether someone can roll their tongue or not is genetic, so I'd say that would make it more of an ability, since, you know, you can't get -better- at rolling your tongue.

@Alyssia: That was just cruel of you. CRUEL! I think that's like gum; if you're going to bring it up, be ready to share it with the rest of the class. :P

As for talents other than writing... well, I can paint. One of these days I'll figure out how to make the tab thingies on the blog work and post some pics. I can also talk like Yoda.

Andrew Leon said...

Whoa! Wait, you're in Bossier? No way! I grew up in Shreveport.

Irunn2doorz said...

Does being good at being a dork count as a talent? haha :)
I love origami. I'm sure your gum wrapper swans are fabbbbb!

Alyssia said...

LOL! Hey, now! A girl's gotta have her secrets; don't you know that's, like, a rule or something?? Yes! I do live in Bossier (originally from Gulfport, MS). The Hubby's stationed at Barksdale. I know, I know... I accept your condolences.

Alyssia said...

@Irunn2doorz It totally takes talent to be a dork! *big smiles*

Andrew Leon said...

Well, I just have to say, then, that my novel is set in Shreveport, and the reason for the move there is that the father got transferred to Barksdale.

As for living in Bossier... well, I'm sorry. I won't tell you how we used to refer to Bossier.

Jacqueline said...

I LOVE the Mad Skillz photo :)

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