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YA's Ticklin' My Fancy! (Day 6)

Okay, first thing's first...

HARRY POTTER and the DEATHLY HALLOWS: PT. 1 releases on BluRay today!!! WOO HOO!!! *skips about, clapping hands and singing the Hogwarts Alma Mater... ♫Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts... teach us something pleeeeeaaase...♫*

All right.  Now that's done... on with today's challenge: What's ticklin' my fancy these days?

As I mentioned before, I'm in new-story-mode, which means you can readily expect bits and pieces of research here and there, occasional freak-outs when I'm not hitting word count (The Hubby can attest to my rabid insanity when this happens), and status progression details.  But before I let you in on the new novel scoop, allow me to dish out a little background about my writing style.

My first passion is historical romance -- love it, read it, can't get enough of it. Not ever. I've completed two novels for publication in this genre, and am almost halfway through a third.  The second is actually being considered for ebook/print as we speak. *SQUEE*  Yes, it's very, very, very exciting.  Everyday I check my email, hoping against hope I'll see that precious, "Loved it! Wanna publish it!" Hard to maintain patience when you've been waiting so long for someone to love your story enough to invest their time and money. But the editor with whom I've been working is VERY nice, and that's definitely a thumbs up, right?

So, I've been contemplating the whole YA (Young Adult) thing for several weeks now, though I'm not exactly YA-savvy, so to speak.  I mean, sure.  I've read Twilight, though I refuse to get into that discussion right now.  Huge sigh...  I've read the Harry Potter novels, which I love to pieces and for which I write adult--and, at times, naughty--fanfiction on under the pen name Akshaya.  However, I never actually gave serious thought to writing one for publication myself.

That is, until I flew to California last month for my best friend's wedding. Now, my BFF writes fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal, like, all wrapped up into one.  Yeah, it's pretty cool.  And I've always loved this type of story, have even tinkered with one or two over the past several years, but, as I mentioned, to sit and write one intended for a bookstore shelf?  Nope.  Never.

Had a great time in Cali, smoother transition coming back home than I did going (it's a long, aggravating story; trust me). Read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen while I was there, finished it on the plane from Albuquerque to Dallas (it was awesome, by the way; great story). Had a little time to kill when I got to the Big-D, so I wound up in one of their many newsstands and promptly got sucked in by the bestsellers shelf.

At #15, sat Gwen Hayes' debut in print Falling Under.  I knew it was YA, acknowledged I didn't read YA, but bought it anyway, because the cover's gorgeous and the book blurb intrigued me.

Glad I did.

I loved it.  Adored the teenage drama, the witty dialogue, the good prose, hero, heroine, first person tense, paranormal vibe with snippets of historical elements--everything.  Then and there, I thought, "You can do this, you know.  Write a YA.  I mean, why not?  It'll be fun, different.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll open a whole new door, find an even greater calling."

Thus resolved, Le Muse immediately took over:  What if there's this girl... a teenage girl with, oh, blond hair and blue eyes?  Shy-type, but wants desperately to be accepted, because she's British and just moved to America a couple years ago.  She totally has a crush on the most popular boy in school--jock, smart, gorgeous as all get-out--and he so happens to be in her little group of friends.

So, what if they all go to a popular bridge, where local kids have jumped off, and into the river for decades upon decades?  What if she hits wrong?  Drowns?  Goes into a coma?  Wakes up--or so she thinks--and she's not in the real world anymore, but in some alternate universe, where these creepy spectre dudes are trying to capture and take her to... to... I don't know. Oooh! An evil witch lady. Yeah! And she (the witch) has all the comatose humans--boys and girls in the same predicament as our main chick--imprisoned. Because... because... they have foresight in this world and can read minds, and she can't have that kind of chaos going on in HER kingdom or whatever, now, can she? Heavens, no!

All right, so then this guy (hero; also a human in comatose) saves her (heroine) from the black robed things, and he's got a couple of friends (the guy, not the spectres, although they have friends, too, but evil ones).  Hero guy's friends consist of two shapeshifters... TWIN shapeshifters! A boy and girl--Asian.  And maybe a witch, because, hello, somebody needs to be able to perform magic in this band of misfits. Am I right?

So, long story short, they all have to work together, defeat the evil chick--of course, somewhere in between all the running and fighting and what-not, hero & heroine fall in love... awww--and then our British girlie-girl wakes up, and...

Well.  That's as far as I've gotten in my head.  Yes, it's a jumbled mess, but the creative process doesn't recognize tabs and folders or supremely organized recipe boxes.  At least, mine doesn't.

The new work-in-progress is called Interim, the name of the in-between world in which our story takes place, and I'll be working on it for the next... however long it takes to get it finished and edited and prettified!  So, definitely keep reading for all kinds of fun facts and information as I crash my way through the Young Adult phenomenon.

That said, what do you like to read? And if you're a writer, what do you like to write? Multiple genres? Do you read the same genre in which you write?

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



BREA said...

My heart beats for the mysterious and the magical..sci-fi/fantasy and paranormal.

Totally going to pick up my Potter blu-ray as soon as the store opens this morning!!! 1.5 hours to go...must spend that time writing cause once I get home with the movie I will be in a Potter coma..

Andrew Leon said...

Right now, I'm doing YA, but that's because of my kids. I have a hardcore sci-fi/fantasy in my head clawing to get out, though.

Alyssia said...

Bonn--Hubby dearest picked ours up, too! When he gets home, it is soooo on. Lights out, popcorn, Junior Mints... *SQUEE*

Andrew--I know EXACTLY how you feel! Just over a month ago, I was working diligently on a contemporary. "Gotta right this for Harlequin," I told myself. "Gotta get my foot in the door. Gotta, gotta, gotta." Yeah, as you can imagine it quickly became all work and no fun. NOT what I want out of my daily writing time. At. All. So, yeah, the YA is all kinds of fun. Exciting, interesting. And I'm enjoying the heck out of my morning writing hours now. :)

Lela said...

Well, you certainly know my preference...fantasy, of course! I've got a short-story sci-fi I've been tossing around since KP told me about the evil food-induced dream she had about the house with all the rooms, I read everything, fantasy being my favorite. And until I met you, I had never even picked up a romance and actually read it. Sort of tried my hand at writing it, but, well, you know how that went...*sigh* But my fantasy world claws to get out on a daily basis and if I weren't so bogged down with academic writing lately, it would probably be halfway done! lol, I'm kidding, of course, I'm slow, so I'll say I'd have at least, oh, five chapters. :)

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