Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Month + This Year in Great Detail (Day 27 & 28)

This has been an exciting year for me, owing to the past, oh, two or three months, I'd say. The bad part is my memory leaves a lot to be desired; I can hardly remember two days ago, much less what I was doing on January 1. But I'll give you a few highlights...

In March, my BFF of almost 2 decades got married, and I'm so extremely happy for her. Her new hubby's a great guy, a genuinely patient person with a great sense of humor, a sweet smile that reaches his eyes (always an agreeable quality in a man), and, most of all, he's crazy in love with my beautiful best friend. Sees her, loves her for all the fabulous reasons I do. Heaven knows it took a long time to find the right guy, but hey, the best things in life are worth waiting for, right?

Taken with my Apple iPhone @ Ventana Grill Reception Hall

While I was soaking up the clean, crisp ocean air in San Luis Obispo, California, I got an email from the publisher to whom I sent a query earlier this year. After that initial query (January or thereabouts), an editor, who is very, very kind and professional--and that's such a relief after drawing a few not-so-nice ones--requested the first three chapters + a synopsis. That was in February-ish. Forward a little over a month to the second morning of my stay in Cali, and I open my email to find the same editor's request for the full manuscript.

So, yeah. You can imagine my excitement. I've never before had a chain events occur in... well, that particular chain. Query-->3 Chapters + Synopsis-->Can't wait to the read the rest, please send the full & I'll get back to you no later than mid-June. I do so hope she likes it and is willing to work with me in order to get it out there, in print & ebook. My FIRST sale, it would be! How exciting!!

Mock Cover I Made Using Paint Shop Pro 8

All right, so other than that... The Hubby and I are in mid-home improvement stage and coming along really well, I must say. We laid wood laminate floor (Swiftlock in Fireside Oak--SO pretty!!), re-tiled the foyer, and The Hubby is currently working on the finishing touches of our re-tiled shower in the master bedroom. That one, I must admit, has been a bit of a booger. While beautiful (shiny white and black tiles with black grout), the small area makes for a rather cramped workspace. Not to mention black grout, though beautiful and flattering to the color scheme, is absolute murder to work with. My bathroom is covered in an inch of what looks like black soot, and The Hubby always comes out the door looking like a coal miner.

A little dramatic, but you get the idea...

Oh! I did start a new project this year, the YA paranormal entitled Interim. Not going as easily as I'd anticipated, though I really don't know what I anticipated. Writing historicals is my thing, so when I step out of the box, it can get a little hairy. Frustrating. Like, "Screw this, I'm not writing anymore," kinda hairy.

But I digress.

I've had a good year thus far, a safe and pleasant one. I'm happy; I've got a roof over my head, and food (too much food, really) in my belly. My family is well and safe, as are my friends and the animals who greet me at the door every day with barks and licks and wagging tails.

So, how has YOUR year been so far? Anything exciting happened you wanna share? I'd love to hear about it!

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,


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