Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treading Familiar Ground

Well, I've done the naughty. Started a project, managed to dive in a little over four chapters, and wham! Decided to start something altogether new and different. Why does this happen? Your guess is as good as mine. For me, the excitement had dwindled into a bit of a dull interest. Kind of like watching The Hangover for the dozenth time: It's funny, but not nearly as side-splitting, slap your knee, laugh-'til-you-cry-and-almost-wet-your-pants funny as it was when you sat in the front row on premiere night.

No, I'm not scrapping the YA paranormal, because I do love the story and the characters, just not as much as I should at this point in the creative process. Not to mention, the market's practically flooded with YA paranormals right now. And I'm determined to write something that I not only love, but is pleasantly and interestingly different than the big crazed norm being shoved down our throat every time we turn a corner in the Barnes & Noble.

So, I've gone back to my first love: The Regency-Inspired Historical.

Her First Love Letter by Marcus Stone

Why? For one, I adore the age when women wore diaphanous gowns with smart bonnets and beaded reticules. When the envied members of the ton flocked to Hyde Park during the fashionable hour, Almack's on Wednesdays was a religious practice, almost no one rose before noon, and referring to a man as "a bang-up cove" meant he was a Class-A, splendid fellow. Not to mention those men... well, most of them... were real--and I do mean real--gentlemen.

In Love by Marcus Stone

It is for all these reasons, as well as my love for writing in this particular time period, that I've decided to try my hand at a Young Adult historical with sci-fi elements (namely time travel). Sure, the time travel element has been done, and many, many times over if the good people on all the science fiction forums are to be believed. As I am certain they are, for if you can't trust a group of Trekkies who can successfully carry on a two week conversation based solely on why the Kobayashi Maru is, in theory, not a no-win scenario, who can you trust?? But I have to trust my instincts to produce an original story with elements that, while done in another way, are new to this type of plot line.

Anyways. Keep your fingers and toes crossed tightly for me, if you please, dear readers! For while I am treading familiar territory (the YA features the kids from my adult historical romance), the element of the unknown which always hangs over the beginning of any new story still exists. I can only hope Le Muse is ready to put on her driving gloves and plow through the first three at full throttle.

In the meantime, I'd love to know what all you writers out there are currently working on. A work in progress? Edits? Both? Have you got any tips for getting through those first few chapters?

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on all your Challenge posts!...Best of luck with the new YA Historical; the first chapter was great fun and I'm looking forward to reading it all!...I wanted to let you know I found Thursday's deleted blog post under the scheduled edit even though it had already published before blogger decided to delete it; all of the comments were gone, so I just published it again to keep my OCD in check!...Have a great weekend, lovely Nikki!

Alyssia said...

Thank you, Jacqueline! I'm thrilled to see this post returned--like I told you, there's no way I could've recreated it. So glad you're up and running, too! Have a great weekend. :)~

BREA said...

OMG! Send please!! You know my current WIP and I am totally having withdrawals because even though I took all my stuff to work on the WIP while on "le honeymoon"....lets just say I am a little behind. Hey it was my honeymoon after all!!

Love you XOXO

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