Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bee in Your Bonnet?

Chapter Six has magically appeared on my current WIP (yay!), and I've managed to explain (well, sort of...)  time travel basics, as well as establish the relationship between the heroine (Hallelujah aka Hallie) and her BFF, Adris (the guy from the future). Now, it's time for a bit of diversion in uptown London, as well as a solid establishment of Hallie's deep found relationship with her second BFF (yep, this chick's got two, thank you very much) Lady Savannah Rochford.

Hallie & Savannah

So, how am I to do that? Well, I thought about how I like to connect with my good friends. What do we like to do in our spare time? Shop for books and drink coffee? All right, all right. But I really didn't want to send my girlie girls into a book store. However, the shopping part sounded really appealing. With that in mind, what kind of shopping would well-to-do young women embark upon in the mid 19th century?


Silk Bonnet Circa 1830s
Photo courtesy of Old Sturbridge Village

Now, I must admit: This is an inadvertent (or blatant, whatever you wanna call it) shout-out to one of my favorite, faaaaavorite authors, Janet Mullany, whose heroine Philomena Wellesley-Clegg in The Rules of Gentility had a penchant for unique headdresses. Also, I've always wanted to wear hats. Not baseball caps in summer. Or those cutsie little bowlers teenagers wear from time to time. I'm talking about racing day, Will & Kate's wedding (with the exception of Beatrice, bless her heart), and old-timey dressing up for Sunday mornin' hats. Elegant, stylish, and sophisticated.

Julia Roberts with her gorgeous hat...
And, of course, her man candy, Richard Gere, in Pretty Woman

For a spot of fun today, I figured I'd share with you some of the more popular head-wear from the time period in which Hallie & Savannah live (1843). Let's take these girls on a fun shopping trip, shall we?

Topsy Garden Hat with
pink ribbon, pearls, & cream netting
Photo courtesy of etsy.com

Mauve feather & floral riding hat
Photo courtesy of rrbycresa.com

Victorian top hat with black and pink ribbon detailing
Photo courtesy of etsy.com
Floral Bonnet with peach feather & white tulle detailing
Photo courtesy of dallasvintageshop.com

Deep Burgundy Velvet Mini Top Hat
with pink ribbon & silver buckle detailing
Photo courtesy of etsy.com

I'm curious... If you were a seventeen year old, adventurous, fun-loving 19th century girl bonnet-shopping with your BFF, which hat would you choose and why? Next Tuesday (June 14th), I'll pick one commenter's suggestion, and that'll be the hat Hallie purchases on her little outing with Savannah.

Have a fun day, everyone!

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



Joanne said...

Ooooh, I love them all -- how to choose just one? I think a fun-loving young woman would look amazing in the last bonnet: burgundy velvet top hat with pink bow and buckle -- very sharp!

Fun Post!

Andrew Leon said...

If I was suddenly a 19 century 17-year-old girl, I think I would have more on my hand than what kind of hat I was wearing. :P

Seriously, though, I always wanted to be a hat person when I was younger. I had a cousin that was. I just hated wearing them. Now, something covering my head is kind of essential.

I think I like that one best. But, then, I'm a guy, so, well, yeah...

BREA said...

OMG I want all of those bonnets!!!!!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Let's see, I'd personally pick the last one because I like the darker color theme, but if I were fun loving and fancy free, I'd pick a jauntier, lighter hat like the first one. The first three all seemed rather jaunty, but that is the light afternoon hat.

I should add that I don't actually have any taste, though. ;-p

I am rather partial to the name Savannah, as that is my three-year old daughter's name. But she prefers princess to lady, despite my best efforts.

Alyssia said...

@Joanne Thanks! The burgundy velvet is really pretty, isn't it? Flirtatious. Not to mention Hallie's favorite color is red. Hmmm...

@Andrew Come Summer, the ballcaps come out for me. I'm extremely fair-complected, so the sun's my enemy. And are you saying you like the burgundy bonnet best, as well?

@BREA I do, too! But she can only buy one! *giggle*

@Shannon The burgundy's real popular! And oh, I love the name Savannah, too, so my bonnet's off to your lovely little girl, princess & lady alike. Lady Savannah is actually the child of the hero & heroine from the novel I'm editing for Wild Rose, so it's been great fun featuring her in this YA. :)

Jacqueline said...

I think Savannah would choose the first one=pretty and appropriate for a young girl in her time, but I think Hallie might like the 3rd one=a little more edgy since she has experienced life in that way recently; both similar in shape, but different in attitude/composition=a metaphor of their life experiences at this point...But hey, what do I know about writing :)!!...Have a great day, Nikki, looking forward to Chapter 6!

Andrew Leon said...

Um, yeah, I guess that's what I'm saying. Although, I'm really looking at the hat itself, not the pink frilly stuff all over it.

And I'm right there with you on the fair complexion. I have two shades: normal and burned.

Lynda R Young said...

Personally I love the Topsy Garden Hat with pink ribbon, pearls, & cream netting. It looks fun and pretty

Lela said...

I'm casting my vote on the first one as well, although, I DO like them all! And, great job on finishing up chapter 6! Can't wait to read it!

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