Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge!

Kate at last night's premiere of War Horse

"Turning 30" 
by Gem

Turning thirty is a milestone

The one that inside we all dread
But what exactly does thirty mean
Could it mean something good instead?

Turning thirty is when you own
At least one classical music CD
Even if it's just one for display
It's there, an unofficial emcee

Turning thirty is going to the pub
A quiet place to have a drink
But only if there's a place to sit
And only if you can hear yourself think

Turning thirty is buying a wine rack
That actually holds bottles of wine
Bottles you don't need to drink all at once
You feel mature and oh so refined

Turning thirty is calling off the search
Of finding the perfect match
Who you'll spend the rest of your life with
Completely happily attached

Turning thirty isn't all that bad
After all, they say it's the new twenty
So you're actually safe for ten more years
Until you turn the dreaded forty!


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Kate, 6 yrs old



Lela said...

I'm so close to that "dreaded 40" it's not even funny! Happy Birthday, Kate. Her hair is so pretty and bouncy...

Alyssia said...

I remember being so excited to turn 30, and you know what? It was worth the excitement. Seriously, the 20's are so overrated. And you're right about her hair! What I'm loving is her makeup--seems to get better and better every time I see a pic of her.

Lynda R Young said...

Yeah, I didn't mind turning 30... 31 was something else tho ;)

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