Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Challenge

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Last year in blogging was rather interesting. Granted, I didn't blog like I intended to/should have.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, reading all of your blogs, learning about writing, makeup, scrapbooking, Duchess Kate, etc., etc.  What I noticed is that a lot of my fellow bloggers--especially you wonderfully talented writers--participated in various challenges throughout the year.  Now, I only did one myself, and an easy, easy one at that, but as I was thumbing through new posts this morning, I came across...

What does it entail? Really quite simple:  The challenge focuses on the reign of Queen Victoria and her gorgeous, frilly Victorian age which lasted from approximately 1837-1901. If you're not a history connoisseur or, perhaps, need something a little more visual, think Sherlock Holmes, men in tailed coats, striped waistcoats, and tall top hats. Women in bustled dresses of velvet and lace and fashionable prints with plumed hats cocked to the side atop their heads and pleated feminine parasols (umbrellas). Children and adults alike read Charles Dickens, while women were partial to the endearingly sorrowful Bronte sisters.

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Yeah? Are you there yet? Good deal. Books shall be counted which were written by authors of this age, set during the era, pertain to an individual who lived during this time period (biographies/autobiographies), or those about a Victorian author, history, manners, architecture, Queen Victoria, etc. Short stories, audiobooks, and films shall also be accepted.

Basically, it's a celebration of all things Victorian. And since I love this wondrous time in history (along with the Regency, of course), I figured...why not? Discipline, right? I've decided to start with a reread of Lisa Kleypas's Again the Magic (love this book) and will seek thereafter to find other authors who wrote stories set in the Victorian Era. In addition, I'll most definitely watch movies, mini-series (North & South, hello!), as well as brush up on my Bronte and Dickens.

What challenges are you looking to do this year? Any rinse/repeats? Anything new? Spill! 

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Bonnie Rae said...

I haven't seen any new challenges yet. I am sure I will do the A-Z challenge again because it was so much fun last year.

Good luck and keep us updated! I would love to hear what your reading/watching during all of this!

Andrew Leon said...

If that's just 2-6 for the whole year, I'll do that without trying. I think I'm sort of missing the point on this one. Except that it's for people that really enjoy this time period. I guess I'm not one of those people.

Alyssia said...

@Bonnie Ah, the A to Z challenge. I definitely enjoyed sitting back, watching that one from the wings. And thanks for the encouragement! Looking forward to what you have in store for us this year! <3

@Andrew Not certain there is a point other than honoring the time period, digging your heels into an easy little challenge. But that's what I need right now. Something with itty bitty baby steps (no pun intended), and, yes, I do love, love this time period. Maybe not as much as Regency or even Medieval, but it fits my M.O. for the moment.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Sounds like a wonderful challenge for you! Good luck with it. By the way, just from the way you throw out a few plush details to describe the time, I know I'm going to love your writing!

I'm a cohost on the A-Z, so definitely that one, and I'll probably do the Platform Building Crusade again, as well. Both of those were fun. Other than that, I've slowed down on hops/challenges, but will keep an eye out for something fun that pushes me to write, because that's what it's all about.

Alyssia said...

@Shannon How very kind! And, yes, it's a good, basic challenge for me. Keeps me honest and responsible, as Bette Midler would say. Oh, and I can't wait to watch your A-Z challenge! I so enjoyed it last year. :)

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