Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5 Things I'm Lovin' Right Now

As The Hubby and I were walking out this past weekend to do, yes, more baby shopping (we still need a few annoying, yet necessary little odds-and-ends), I heard the hauntingly beautiful melody of my turtle dove. Why is he my turtle dove, you ask? I mean, I don't keep one in a cage out back or anything, but I do hear this lovely creature every single morning, without fail. His (or her, who knows?) song reminds me of childhood, of staying with my grandparents on their farm during the summertime. We woke up early each day, made coffee, went outside and sat on the porch, all to watch the mist rising over green, dewy grass and feel the cool morning air on our bare toes. And, yes, to listen to the low altos of turtle doves. Sometimes a quail would throw in her two shillings. Bob-White!

I'm telling you this, because I thought it might be fun to share a few things that are, to quote Dolly Parton, really meltin' my butter, a month and a week into 2012, 35 weeks into pregnancy...Lord above, I am so ready for this child to be born...and at a time in my life when small wonders mean the most.

1. Chopin.  I have always adored--chiefly--the piano compositions of  Frédéric Chopin. From late childhood, onto early adulthood, and finally now as I wind up the finishing chapters of my third historical romance, his sonatas, waltzes, nocturnes, and so forth have never failed to give my muse exactly what she needs for peace and creativity. My personal favorite? Fantasie Impromptu.

2. Kristan Higgins.  Contemporary romance author of what I would call stories with real heroes and heroines who have REAL-life issues and faults (and, by the way, aren't always the prettiest or most handsome specimens), Ms. Higgins just plain does it for me. Indulging in one of her books makes me want to write, gives me ideas, and, ultimately, ensures my ever-seeking muse that it's actually OK to write outside the box. My favorite Higgins novel to-date is Just One of the Guys.

3. The Hubby.  You'd think this is a given, right? Not always so. Come on, girls, you know you roll your eyes at him from time to time--OK, more like everyday. But my significant other is one of the really good ones. And, please, don't turn your eye-rolling on me just yet. He's an all-American boy: sports fanatic, hamburger-eating, jeans & worn-out t-shirt wearin' regular Joe. I mean, his favorite meal, y'all, is beans & weenies with mac 'n cheese. Seriously, right? All that aside, his most amazing quality--especially as of late--is his patience. On even my best days, I'm not the easiest chick to deal with. Flighty, redheaded temper and all that. But The Hubby gets me, manages to calm me down when I imagine it's impossible, and, ultimately, (and this is the best part) makes me smile, which more often than not stems from a goofy joke or face or some combination of both. Check out 100 Ways to Love Your Hubby here.

4. Cowboy Boots. Ariat, ATS™ technology, distressed brown leather, nothin' fancy, but man, do they fit my feet like a pair of doeskin gloves. Comfortable to boot (no pun intended), I'd likely permit the Judge to deduct a small amount from my paycheck, if I knew he'd let me get away with wearing them to work everyday. They're the ONLY shoe I own which distribute the weight I've gained easily enough to prevent excruciating soreness by day's end. Flat dress shoes--dress shoes period--are the Arch Enemy. Shop Ariat boots and outerwear here.

5. Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice. I'm a wine drinker, not to be confused with a lush or a wine-o or whatever sobriquet goes with those women who giggle and coo over glass after glass at the local bar. But a healthy tipple of cabernet sauvignon in the evening settles my nerves and takes the edge off the day. However, since I'm carrying Baby Jake and intend on giving him the best start after he's born, my half-glass of red has become a thing of the distant past. Enter Welch's and their fab bottle of fizzling magnificence. One glass every evening and my brain is successfully tricked into calming down, letting go of whatever idiot(s) I've had to deal with at the counter, and easing into the comfort of soft couch and good book. (And, thanks be to God, weight off feet.)

What are you loving right now?

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,



Andrew Leon said...

It's good to have things you love! And you have 5!

Unfortunately, I'm not bringing to mind anything I'm enamored of, at the moment.

Kimberly said...

5. Sour Cream & Onion Doritos. Limited edition, sorry I didn't get two bags.

4. 5 p.m. Mon-Fri.

3. Sleep. I love it. I miss it.

2. Gift giving. My bank account reflects just how much I've loved it lately.

1. Hearing "Bug" scream "Bye, Mimi!"

SherryE said...

I'm a big fan of Chopin, too! Do you play the piano?

Alyssia said...

@Andrew There's got to be something! Even if it's the song you crank up every time it comes on the radio here lately. ;)

@Kimberly Sleep is so beautiful, and it's something I either get or don't. No in-betweens. #1 totally made me grin from ear to ear.

@SherryE Isn't he wonderful?! And, no, I sure don't--wish I did!--but I will tell you this: Growing up, writing as a young girl, my heroes ALWAYS played piano--and well. In fact, the heroes in my last 2 historicals were exceptional pianists. Just an instrument I thoroughly love. :)

Andrew Leon said...

No... no, not really. >shrug<
I got nothin.

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