Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for...

Levitate. If there's one supernatural ability I'd love to have, it's gotta be levitation. Why? Something about floating, feeling the soft air beneath my feet, and being able to, pretty much, fly wherever I want to go seems like a pretty good deal.

The first time I encountered levitation in print was R.A. Salvatore's first Dark Elf Trilogy book, Homeland. The dark elves--or Drow elves, as Salvatore calls them--have the learned ability to levitate. Hero Drizzt Do'Urden often uses this ability when traveling or spying on enemies.

Characters are often able to levitate via spellcasting in roleplaying games. The Hubby and I played Everquest for years (High Elf cleric, yeah!), and one simply did not travel any sort of distance without having some sort of levitation spell in their buff bar. Preferably with a side of something to accelerate your run speed, too. Now we're really flyin'!

If you could have any supernatural ability, what would it be?


Nancy Stewart said...

Fun post, and I really like your blog! Mine? Time travel, of course...

Speaking of time, if you can spare it, pop over to my blog and take a peek. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.


Nikki said...

It would be flying or teleportation. Healing would be cool too!

You have such a pretty blog :)

Nikki – inspire nordic

Bonnie Rae said...

I want to shoot laser beams out of my hands!

Just kidding.

Flying would be pretty awesome, even though I am scared of heights.

Andrew Leon said...

This is a paraphrase:
"I have the ability to levitate, and I can also defy gravity."

I'd want super speed like The Flash.

Lynn Proctor said...

hmmmmm to ask for anything and get it for me or anyone else--

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