Saturday, June 23, 2012


New project, new genre, new approach. Entitled Displacement, for now. I'm really excited about this one. Tell me what you think!

Sixteen year old Jessica Rodriguez hates her life. Really, what does she have to live for? Dumped on the first day of school. Flunking Trig. Dateless for prom. Not to mention the big junior/senior trip’s coming up, and she can’t afford to go, much less watch her ex-boyfriend wrapped around another girl every day.  She’s destined for the high school humiliation hall of fame, unless something changes—and fast. 

Two hundred years ago Colin Ferris hung for a crime he did not commit—the gruesome murder of his fiancée.  Now, as an angel, he’s been given the chance of a lifetime.  Protect the reincarnated soul of his long lost love and earn the chance to be whole again. 

But Jessica’s not the same innocent lass Colin’s kept in his heart for two centuries.  She’s an intoxicating combination of smart, sassy, and independent. And she’s in love with another guy. With only a small window of time from here to an eternity of servitude in the Divine Court, Colin must forsake every tactful part of his being and start over with the girl who once loved him fiercely. 

Will their past be enough to win their future? 

Or will two souls remain separated forever?

Fan Art by Jennifer Brown

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,


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Shannon Lawrence said...

Sounds good! His history is intriguing, and I already want to find out if he can win her over, and how.

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