Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Hayes Halloween

When my best friend got married almost two years ago--I can't believe it's already been 2 years!--I spent a LOT longer than I wanted to in various airports. Long story not worth rehashing, except for the great people I met along the way. Anyways. While in one airport or another, can't remember which, I had a little bit of a layover and decided to hit the newstand. There, I picked up a YA novel solely based on its cover.

Well. And the cool blurb on the back.

It was FALLING UNDER by Gwen Hayes and it's still on my Keeper Shelf.

Since then, she's released an equally fabulous sequel, DREAMING AWAKE.

And yesterday, she announced a BRAND NEW story she calls a "Creep, Gothic Romance" entitled OURS IS JUST A LITTLE SORROW. Oh, but that's not the only good part. She's knocked it down to .99 until... you guessed it... Halloween! It's only 118 pages. Nice, quick read for the upcoming spooky holiday. Available for Kindle, Nook, and on Smashwords.

Here's the pretty cover:

Here's the delicious blurb:

The colony of New Geneva has risen from the ashes of her dying mother planet, Earth, by rebuilding a society based on a time before everything went horribly, horribly wrong...the Victorian Era...

Violet Merriweather first sets eyes on Colonel Winston when he purchases her at auction from Witherspoon Academy, the orphanage where she’d been raised after her rescue from Earth. Dutifully, as she was taught, Violet pushes away her fear of the monstrous, forbidding Thornfield Abbey, and throws herself into her work as governess to the Colonel’s youngest son.

But the Colonel's elder sons have other ideas.

John and Gideon Winston are as different as night and day, and each wants to claim Violet for his own. John immediately charms her with his intelligence and cordial demeanor, while Gideon, the dark rogue, delights in flustering her at every opportunity, awakening a yearning she doesn't understand and most assuredly does not want. She tries to deny her pull to both men, but an uneasy midnight bargain with one forges a new alliance as she’s dazzled by an underground New Geneva she hadn't known existed. And temptations she cannot resist.

But something is preying on the women of New Geneva, something that threatens to unleash the ghosts of Thornfield and drag them all into hell. And that something wants Violet most of all.
For more information, including an excerpt, go to Gwen's blog here. While you're at it, start following her! :)
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Bonnie Rae said...

Can't beat .99! I am gonna check it out!! =)

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