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REVIEW: Tangled by Emma Chase

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Girls, don't you just love this cover??
As most of you know--and moreover, as most of you can personally attest--I receive a lot of book recommendations from friends and, especially, the CP. Who is also a very good friend, only she's one of those who calls me out on bad word choices, sentence structure, out of character moments... oh, you get the idea. See how I can ramble at any given time?
On subject:
 TANGLED by EMMA CHASE came highly recommended by the CP, and with good reason.
It is amazing.
Wows in that way a good book does when you've been reading a string of normal, not even bad ones, but then they're not awesome, either. You know what I mean, right? Of course you do. You read this book that arrests your attention--REALLY arrests your attention--within the first few lines, and you just have to stop for a few moments, because one, you're amazed, two, you're inexplicably happy, and three, you're just a little bit jealous, because why didn't you think of that?
If you're a writer, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Heck, if you're a reader, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
That said, this book is entirely in the first person point of view of Drew, a young, enormously successful businessman who is as gigolo as they come. No, he's not a bad guy, but neither is he a saint. He goes out with his buds, sleeps with a different girl every week, sometimes twice a week, says his goodbyes, and moves on to the next victim... err... chick. The women with whom he exchanges sexual favors? Yeah, they love him. Wanna bear his children. Smitten, the poor things, and rightly so. He's got it all: looks, charm, wealth, a body to boot. I couldn't stop myself from picturing some dark-haired mix between Brad Pitt and Chris Pine, but I believe that's owing to the fact that I just saw Star Trek, and have always been a Brad Pitt fan and, therefore, picture all heroes in this fashion as of late.
But I digress.
Everything's goin' peachy in Drew's life, rollin' along like it ain't no thang, until--of course!--he meets Mrs. Right. Well, she's not a Mrs. yet; she's engaged to another man. Kate's the polar opposite of Drew. She plays for keeps, could care less for Drew's bad-boy personae. Oh, yeah. And she just got hired into Drew's prestigious bank firm.
Enter major competition and sexual frustration, all rolled up into one mean, nasty, yet heart throbbing, edge-of-your-seat-on-the-sofa package.
What impressed me the most about this novel is the fresh, unique writing style. Ms. Chase pens like she's talking to the reader, involving us as though we're standing directly beside Drew through this whole dramatic plot. He's funny, smart, crude to a fault, but we've got no problem understanding why he acts the way he does. The author yanks you in that easily, that quickly, and when it's all over, she leaves you with a smile and a single thought, "This book not only made my keeper shelf, but I wanna read it all over again. Like... right now."
Thank you, Emma Chase, for sharing your amazing gift with us. Can't wait for the next book in the Tangled series. Two thumbs & Two big toes up, yo.
Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,

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