Sunday, June 16, 2013


So, I think we're headed to the theater today for the new Superman movie.  Here's the thing: I am a die-hard Christopher Reeve fan. Raised on his version of the caped superhero, forsaking all others, nobody better even think about tryin' to measure up, OK? 'Cause it ain't gonna happen.
But I must admit.
I am excited about seeing Henry Cavill in action.  And, yes, that's partly because he is a very attractive man. But it's also owing to the fact that I watched him through four seasons of The Tudors, where he masterfully played Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. If you haven't watched The Tudors, queue it up on Netflix.  You won't be sorry.
What I'd like to know is... have any of you seen the new movie?  And if so, what did you think of it?  They've tweaked the storyline a bit, and I know that freaks out comic book gurus, but seriously.  For entertainment value... were you entertained? ARE YOU ENTERTAINED?
I know, I know. That was silly. But I love Gladiator, too.
Happy Sunday, peeps. OH! And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you fathers out there! You deserve a day chockfull of doting and relaxation.


Andrew Leon said...

Gladiator is one of the worst movies ever!

I have mixed feelings about MoS. Mostly, I didn't like all of the Nolan-isms in it. I thought the first half hour was good but the rest is... splotchy.
It was way better than Superman Returns, though, because that movie was probably worse than Gladiator.

Alyssia Kirkhart said...

Oh, Andrew... why did you hate Gladiator? My husband doesn't care for it, either, though I'm not really sure why. I thought Joaquin Phoenix was wonderful.

We just got back from MoS, and I really enjoyed it. Henry Cavill played the character well, and I didn't mind Amy's part, either. Like you, I thought it was MUCH better than Superman Returns.

Andrew Leon said...

Because the end of Gladiator is ridiculous. Not only is that not how that Emperor died, just the idea that they would let him go down into the arena to fight like that is ludicrous.

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