Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's Hear It For The Boy

So, I've figured out why satellite radio is ridiculously popular. Well. One of the MANY reasons so, and that's because local radio sucks. It does! Fifteen minute drive to work and I can't even get one song throughout SIX stations? Really? 

But I did learn something rather interesting.

In this day and age, only 1 in 4 men tuck in their shirts.  As opposed to fifteen years ago, when almost every man did so.  That's when I was in high school, folks, and you know what?  That little fact is absolutely true. All my guy friends tucked in their polo shirts (plain white tee underneath, peaking at the color, respectfully), and they also went that extra mile and combed their hair. I KNOW! Crazy, right?


That got me to thinking in snowball effects, and I thought about all the times people have asked me why I write historical. Many reasons, of course; why does anybody write anything?

But one of the most prominent?

You guessed it. Men were men. Gentlemen, even. They dressed fantastically, regardless of station. Cared about appearance, grooming, whether a sock needed darning or that pesky collar needed a good pressing.

So, modern male, if you're actually one of the few who calls yourself a gentleman and, more importantly, practices the beautiful art of behaving a gentleman, why, bravo, bravo. Keep fighting the good fight. We ladies appreciate your tireless efforts.

P, L, & JM,


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Andrew Leon said...

25 years ago no one tucked in their shirts. In fact, my high school had shirt tucking as school rule and it was nearly impossible to get anyone to do it. Except me. Because I was good that way. But, if a teacher needed a reason to stop a guy in the hall, it was pretty standard that it was to have him tuck in his shirt. It was like the busted taillight of my high school.

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