Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday is 4 Dreaming

This Friday's a Fabulous Friday, because I've been throwin' it back all week long. Work's been one of the worst weeks in Work History. The kid's been sick. It's raining as if we Louisiana folk are about to live up to our destiny and become the next Atlantis. As a writer, I don't know about you, but I'm constantly trying to figure out how to recapture that passion I had for the craft as a teenager. Stress, like that of this week, tends to wanna smother that. I mean, let's face it. Adult stress far outweighs teenage stress. At least, for most, it does.

But teenage passion cannot be denied. And for me? I wrote as if my life depended on it back then. Couldn't wait to get home from school, so I could write. Couldn't wait for the weekend, so I could slumber at my BFFs house, so we BOTH could write.

Her mom worried constantly if we were getting enough to eat. And, bless that woman's heart, she took a lot of dismissals with the mere flick of our hands.

So, yeah. Recapturing the passion. As you know, music is a big part of my writing process. It is now, just as it was then. The playlist was different, mind you; I was into a lot of different genres, including popular 90's grunge rock. But when this particular song showed up on my Spotify feed yesterday, I stopped immediately. Leaned back in my chair. Closed my eyes. And allowed myself to be sixteen again, when I wrote about princes and princesses and their wild plot-lines.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


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Bonnie Rae said...

Omg so many memories!! That song is totally going on my playlist!!

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