Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Second Curse: Cover Reveal!

Whispers of a gathering insurgent army threaten the whole world, Faerie and Mortal...

In the second volume of the popular young adult fantasy saga The Symbolon Series.

Scylla escaped torture and death when she and her companions fled Mistral's ice fortress to the sanctity of Creden's celestial palace. The price of freedom, however, did not come cheap. Athen is in a coma, his heart frozen by a dark spell. Her brother remains in Mistral's clutches. Scylla fears she is at the end of her rope, until Creden issues an order that sets Scylla's feet on a formidable new path--she is to learn how to fight. Her tutor? Nyle Shadowbane, assassin and captain to the Faerie armies.

As dark forces work to hunt her down, Scylla studies the cunning ways of stealth and weaponry--and the truth of who she really is emerges. She might be vital to the rebirth of a nation. But only if she can hone her budding magical gifts, eliminate the evil plaguing the land, and choose not only what she wants for her future--but with whom she will share it.

In this gripping second book in The Symbolon Series, a young woman will face her greatest challenge as ancient evil works tirelessly to take her down and take over mankind.

Coming June 27, 2017!

Cover art by Berto Designs


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