Friday, February 23, 2018

5 YouTubers Who Get Me

Unlike most social media outlets, YouTube grows with you. For years, I've been watching makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, writerly videos and concerts performed by my favorite artists--and that's just to name a few. YouTube has something for everyone and, as a rule, I try not to stay subscribed to a channel I don't love. Doesn't mean I don't LIKE it, mind, but believe me, I can spend all day clicking video after video, so it pays to keep my subscription list slim.

That said, here are the top 5 channels I'm loving and why:

1. Tanya Burr

Tanya is a UK vlogger and the YouTuber I've followed the longest on social media. She does everything from makeup and fashion tutorials to baking videos and even takes you around London from time to time (which I love), as well as the many different vacation spots she hits annually, like the beautiful Maldives. I watch her for her bubbly personality--if I'm down, she's a quick pick-me-up--and for her awesome recipes. Check out her Snickers Salted Caramel Cookie Recipe below:

2. A Little Bit Lisa

Lisa's my newest subscription. A native Irishwoman, Lisa vlogs about mom-life, projects for kids, recipes and, my personal favorite, what it's like living in Ireland. As the beautiful Emerald Isle is where hubs and I hope to retire one day, Lisa reminds me of why we love it so much: the people!

3. Nerd Soup

Admittedly, I subscribed to Nerd Soup for their awesome Game of Thrones reviews every week. Since the end of season 7, however (CRY!), I've grown to love their movie reviews. The name says it all: If you love nerdy tv and film, you'll enjoy Nerd Soup.

4. Rachael Stephen

Rachael's a beautiful Scottish writer, who taught me how to use my bullet journal for plotting and other basic necessities when writing a novel. If you're a writer who thrives on being organized to a T, I'd highly recommend subscribing to her channel.

5. Captain Potter

The only word--or words, as it were, I can think of to describe Captain Potter is Professional Traveler. I stumbled upon him by accident, when I was looking up the agency who represents Tanya Burr, and, boy, am I glad I did. He travels to the most exotic places and experiences some of the most amazing cultures and adventures. Plus, his vlogs are always set to great music. Bonus. His content reminds me to dream and to dream big--no matter what. 

I should tell you that, one, some of these upload more than others, followed by, two, there are MANY other channels I love (Still GlamorUs, Penguin Teen, Use Less and Just Write, to name a few...). No, I don't YouTube binge every day, although I certainly could. YouTube's like Netflix in that fashion--it practically BEGS to be binged. Binge me! Binge me! Depending on what I'm working on, I may look up a video on a particular subject I'm researching or watch an interview of an actor or artist who reminds me of a character I'm writing. Regulation is important for social media, in my opinion, or you'll never get anything done!

If you love YouTube like I do, what are your favorite channels?

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Andrew Leon said...

I spend almost no time on youtube.
That might be because I don't have enough outlets to plug all my stuff into and my speakers are most frequently the thing giving up space. I have to REALLY want to hear something to go to the trouble to rearrange stuff to get my speakers plugged in.

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