Scylla escaped torture and death when she and her companions fled Mistral's ice fortress to the sanctity of Creden's celestial palace. The price of freedom, however, did not come cheap. Athen is in a coma, his heart frozen by a dark spell. Her brother remains in Mistral's clutches. Scylla fears she is at the end of her rope, until Creden issues an order that sets Scylla's feet on a formidable new path--she is to learn how to fight. Her tutor? Nyle Shadowbane, assassin and captain to the Faerie armies.

As dark forces work to hunt her down, Scylla studies the cunning ways of stealth and weaponry--and the truth of who she really is emerges. She might be vital to the rebirth of a nation. But only if she can hone her budding magical gifts, eliminate the evil plaguing the land, and choose not only what she wants for her future--but with whom she will share it.

With thousands of copies sold of her historical romance novels, A.N. Hart presents this second book in her gripping, seductive fantasy series, The Symbolon Series.

The Second Curse: The Symbolon Series Book Two 
is available in ebook and paperback on

Release Date: June 25, 2016

When eighteen-year-old Scylla is kidnapped from a carnival, she is convinced things couldn't get any worse. Her parents are dead. Her brother is missing. She hears voices no one else can hear. Disaster seems to follow her everywhere, until she meets Athen, the mythological faun who took her captive. His reason? She is his symbolon--the mate prophesied to him. Whisked to a land she didn't know existed, among creatures she's only read about in fairytales, Scylla learns there is more to her captor than meets the eye. He is kind, he is wise, and he is one of four Fae generals who fought for the survival of mankind nearly one hundred years ago.

He is also the last faun in existence. 

As she learns from him, her feelings for Athen burn deeper and deeper. Terror turns into trust, exchanged smiles turn into fiery kisses. But Scylla's brother is in trouble and wicked forces in the Fae world threaten to sear Scylla's budding bond to Athen. Together, they must find her brother and put an end to the evil spreading across the land--or risk the annihilation of the human race.

The Other Half: The Symbolon Series Book One 
is available in ebook and paperback on

Release Date: June 2, 2012

Headstrong Irish lady Sara Ballivar has been betrothed since she was a child to an Englishman she'd rather strangle than meet, much less marry.

Lord Justin Carrington, heir to a prestigious dukedom, would rather live the life of a bachelor, sowing his wild oats across London, than deal with the Irish chit to whom he is shackled.

However, when the time comes to honor their betrothal contract, and Sara is shipped overseas to meet her mysterious English lord, nothing is as either of them expected. Sparks fly. Friendship blossoms into genuine feelings—perhaps even love. But what happens when a man from Sara's past travels abroad to England in hopes of winning her? Will this new affection she has for her betrothed, the man she once thought she'd hate for all eternity, stand up against the one chance she has to return to Ireland?

Betrothed is available in ebook and paperback on 

Release Date: October 13, 2012

When Lady Anna Carrington first met the Marquess of Beaufort, she thought him nothing more than another one of her brother’s incorrigible, reckless friends. A rake of the first water, Sebastian was the last man on earth Anna would choose for a husband.  So, imagine her surprise when a meaningless kiss they shared last summer unexpectedly becomes the talk of the beau monde!  Before the ink dries on the broadsheets, she has a ring on her finger and is, quite suddenly, Sebastian’s marchioness.

Torn by a past full of demons, bound by an inescapable future, Anna and Sebastian find themselves facing not only their marriage of convenience, but a plethora of unanticipated events. Truth shall become lies.  Lies shall become truth.  And two souls who once looked upon each other with disdain will learn that life is not always as it seems—and people are never always who we imagine them to be.

Will their scandalous past tear them apart?

Or can time, circumstance, and undeniable passion open their hearts to the possibility of love?

Enraptured is available in ebook and paperback on

   Release Date: February 26, 2013

A lady determined to follow her heart...

As the only daughter of Hampshire's wealthiest landowner, Evangeline Hartford has grown up with the world at her fingertips.  Beautiful dresses, top-notch education, popularity among her peers.  So, when she impulsively marries one of the servants, her father's retaliation comes as no surprise.  He sends the lad into the army on a bought commission, simultaneously shuffling Evangeline deep into the country to live with her recluse relations.

A man bent on repossessing what was taken from him…

When Chase Elliott was thrust into His Majesty's service, he convinced himself he'd never survive to see home again.  But survive he has, and he returns to England a decorated major, his sole purpose to retrieve the bride he left behind. As expected, he finds her among the upper echelons of society. What he doesn't expect, however, is to find her engaged to another man.

A burning want neither can deny…

Old habits die hard, and Evangeline hasn't forgotten the passion she and Chase once shared.  In a moment of weakness, she makes a shocking proposition; one Chase may very well be too weak to refuse.  Who will win out in this tangle of lies and secrets, lost love and undeniable desire?  Or will both lose everything they ever wanted—a chance at true happiness?

Return to Me is available in ebook and paperback on
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