Perhaps one of the most frequent questions I'm asked as a writer is what inspires me. The answer to that is a little complicated. People interacting in public, books, articles, movies, and even certain scents and colors. The largest inspiration, however, has always been music.

When I started writing at fourteen, I made mix-tapes from discs, records and, oftentimes, straight from the radio. I was in band, too (flute), so instrumental music and epic scores have always played a big part in my life. As a 90's teen, I loved soundtracks such as Legends of the Fall, King Arthur, Anastasia, Dances with Wolves, and The Little Mermaid, just to name a few. A piece of one of those usually winds up on every soundtrack to each book I've written.

When I'm working on a scene, I usually have one song on loop, just to keep me in the moment and focused. As I write, I add and delete tracks. What I wind up with in the end is a full playlist that is pretty much in the same order as the novel itself--an outline, if you will. Now, with the amazing resource that is Spotify, I'm able to create playlists with ease. All YOU have to do to listen is 1) create a free account and then 2) follow my profile: Alyssia Kirkhart.

In addition, I'd love to hear the music that inspires you when you read. Thanks for your interest in my books and for making reading a part of your life.

Peace, Love, and Junior Mints,

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